Digital expertise in an integrated web and mobile suite that helps breed societies to carry out breeding programmes!

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Breed XY

BREED XY is a web and mobile suite that provides functionalities and processes for breed societies to perform BREEDING BOOK MANAGEMENT, PERFORMANCE TESTING and GENETIC EVALUATION of  breeding animals, with the aim of improving the production traits of animals.

The preferred choice for all sheep and goat breed societies in Romania!

Over 1.2 million animals already registered in the platform!




We help you gather data in a unified and integrated manner to simplify the Breeding Book registration process.

Giving personalized access to all actors involved in the breeding process (breed societies owners, technicians, breeding animals owner, authorities), the platform gathers and validates all data to identify the correct breed section and class and help owners with Breeding Book management.



Want to identify the best options for improving the milk production? Need to know which animals will help you obtain more meat the next year?

BREED XY is designed to interpret and evaluate the data introduced in order to help the breeders measure each animal performance and take informed decisions about their animals. With the help of weekly and monthly reports, statistics, animal rankings and tendencies reports, BREED XY is an essential tool for animals' performance testing



BREED XY uses the world’s most advanced genetic evaluation system (based on Best Linear Unbiased Prediction BLUP technology) to produce Estimated Breeding Values for each registered animal.  We take into consideration each animal’s performance as well as the performance of known relatives (descendants, collaterals,
brothers), the heritability of each trait and the relationship between different traits in order to identify the animals with the best EBVs according to each breeder objectives.

BREED XY works with all sheep breed societies in Romania and, therefore, has adapted the process of genetic evaluation to take into consideration each breed association pedigree system and breeding programme. We personalize the process taking into consideration your needs and breed specificities to help you identify the animals with the best breeding potential!


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